Our Inspectors

After teaching residential building inspections (Home Inspections) since 1996 and watching many go through the course with a lot of potential, Rick thought “What if someone were to recruit the best of these students and form a company?”.

That is what G.T. Inspections is about, it’s not a franchise but a company owned by its members.

G.T. Inspections has one goal and that is, to have the best, well educated building inspectors on the market.

There are presently 8 people in the company with 6 active inspectors and within five years, the company expects to have 25 inspectors and G.T. Inspections will become known as the one stop shop in the industry.

Whether it’s for Residential Building Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Consultation, Air Quality Testing or Asbestos Testing, G.T. Inspections is the place to call. We have inspectors working 7 days a week and during the summer time we can even inspect in the evening if you want.


The Team

Mike’s renovation experience has lead him to become a building inspector with an inquisitive eye for details.

He previously worked for a fortune 500 company (Hewlett Packard) for 18 years, in various positions. Working for Hewlett Packard and learning the HP Way has taught Mike valuable lessons in regards to integrity and respect getting the job done right.

Mike has learned to seek mutual benefit in all interdependent relationships. He wants the customer to feel he has hired a person who will get the job done well.

Mike successfully completed Vanier College’s Residential Building Inspection Program which has been Nationally Certified across Canada. He decided to change career paths, and pursued his interest in building inspections, after several years of renovating part time.

Mike also successfully completed Pro-Lab’s, Mould Assessment course held in Toronto, Ontario to make him the Air Quality Specialist in Team G.T. Inspections.

Richard is a mechanical engineer (retired) with 30 years of professional experience.

He has been in charge of building systems, maintenance and project management for several Montreal companies. His professionalism, reliable execution and follow-up are hallmarks which Richard brings to all his work.

After joining the GTI team in December 2009, Richard has successfully carried out many inspections in and around the Montreal region. He carefully evaluates each building system component to ensure that the client receives a full, accurate and comprehensive report on the condition of the building on the day of the inspection.

In addition, Richard teaches several modules of the Residential Building Inspection Program at Vanier College.

Rick is a home inspector, a Technologue Genie Civil CET and a Genie Militaire.

After teaching Building Inspecting for so many years, Rick decided to start the Team G.T. Inspections.

Rick has over 20 years experience as a Genie Militaire, and has worked both in Canada and the Middle East. In the Middle East with the United Nations he developed the “Camp Development Plan” and inspected all buildings in regards to this.

As a Technologue Genie Civil CET he has worked as a cost construction expert, construction manager and in cost control, contract writing, estimating, claims analysis and has developed computer programs to monitor construction projects.

In building inspection as a National Certificate Holder and a registered Home Inspector, Rick set up the first Residential Building Inspection course in the province at Vanier College that is now recognized by the National Certification Authority which is the first educational institution in Quebec to do this. Rick has not only trained more inspectors in the province since 1996 than any other group or individual but also leads the Team G.T. Inspections.