What area does GT Inspections service?

We will go anywhere on the island of Montreal and surrounding areas. If you are in a area we currently don’t cover, there might be a small surcharge to cover the extra costs of getting there.

How quickly can an inspection be done?

Normally we can schedule the home inspection within two to three days from receiving the request. Depending on when you want the inspection done and the availability of our inspectors, we can sometimes do a next day inspection if it’s urgent. Commercial Inspections normally require about one week notice to book the inspection.

What will the inspection cost?

The costs vary based on the type of home being inspected and if you call 514-639-1169 , answer a few simple questions and you will be quoted a price over the phone. For commercial inspections or special requests, we will get back to you once the details are reviewed by our senior staff.

How long does an inspection take?

Most inspections take between 2 ½ and 3 hours but depending on the property being inspected, the times can vary. A small 1 bedroom condo can be done in an hour if there is nothing really wrong but a triplex can take up to 4 hours to do. A commercial inspection can range from a few hours to a complete day depending on how many inspectors are involved.

Do I need to be there for the inspection?

Education is empowerment, it helps you to know your purchase and eliminate surprises. It is after all, an important investment, and once the client has toured with us, we would hope he/she would know more about the house than the previous owner did. The client may follow the inspector everywhere except onto the roof and into the attic (but you can pop your head up through the access trap if it is safe for you to do so). You don’t have to be there but we recommend that you attend the inspection. However, we will require you to send a fax authorizing us to do the inspection or authorizing somebody else to sign for you.

Can I follow the inspector during the inspection?

We encourage you to follow the inspector during the inspection except onto the roof or into the attic. If the inspector feels that the access to the attic is safe (ie ladder is secure, the hole is easy to access, etc…) he will allow you to pop your head up into the attic if you wish.

Do you take pictures?

Our inspectors take pictures for reference purposes only and to file away with a copy of the report for future reference. The reason we don’t include pictures in the report is many pictures might have things that will confuse the home owner such as a cable wire running down the wall and the homeowner thinks it’s a crack in the wall/foundation. We also take pictures of things on the roof or attic to show you since you were not able to come see them with us during the inspection.