Inspector’s Challenge

Concrete blocks can be used as structural support. So why are these blocks a problem?

AnswerConcrete blocks have good compressive strength. But the orientation of the blocks in this case is wrong. The hollows must sit vertically.

The numerous repairs to the brick in this area tell us a story. Can you guess the ending?

AnswerThe repairs have been on-going and joints keep opening up. There is movement in the foundation. In the end, the foundation problem has to be corrected.

A light bulb with wings? Are those hanging wires a concern?

AnswerThis is a low voltage installation and does not constitute an electrical hazard.

This flue pipe has a nice three tone color scheme. Someone lives near a scrapyard and visits often. Why should he stay home?

AnswerGalvanized flue pipes are toxic when subjected to the high heat of a wood burning stove.

Can you see problems with this beautiful wood stove?


-It is not a certified appliance.

-The clearance to the rear and side walls is inadequate

-The carpet floor in front is not protected from sparks by a non-combustible coverings.

-The clearance to combustible materials is inadequate. Notice that the wooden door has no knob. It probably got too hot to handle so it was removed!

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